Sunday, January 14, 2007

Self Portrait

A portrait of me (well, approximately) from about a year ago, for your amusement:

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The jewel of Mexico

I found the most beautiful and rare Mexican jewel a couple of months ago. She was hiding in the most unlikely of places - a little beach town in Baha California - and was found via the most unlikely of methods - discovered via a largely random internet search.

Indeed, I am quite uncertain if I found her or she found me. What I do know is that the Fates were originally quite disinclined to allow us to meet, though, apparently, her gentle hypnotic charm ultimately swayed them to allow it to happen. Once we did meet, upon scientific analysis, it became evident that it was imparative I move swiftly to extract her from her environment and cultivate her, lest she be lost again, her true beauty perhaps never to be fully rediscovered. In due course, the spirit of Montezuma became insanely jealous, that perhaps the last and greatest Mexican jewel was uncovered and being stolen away by a Gringo. Though he moved decisively to stop me, my determination was unabated.

She sparkles with unique brilliance in the light I cast upon her, having ultimately only been polished over her years by the sands of time and the friction of her experiences. Her radiant inner beauty is something that I flatly will not allow to be tarnished by others. And in many wonderful ways, she shines only for me.

She is mine; in her I am unabashedly selfish. She has become the reason for my being.

With her close at my side, we will travel the world and ride the vicissitudes of the seasons, meeting our challenges and our fortunes with equal vigor. She is an ambassador for all that is good in this world; with the light I shine upon her, she illuminates all whom she encounters.

There is no more noble a cause that I can commit my humble life to than she.